10/365 – Are You Still With Me?

Published: January 10, 2011

Category: In the Studio, Photography, Self Portraits

Medium: Photography

Yesterday, Sunday, was my first full day to just work creatively in our new studio in Haiku, Maui. I haven’t yet shipped any of my canvases or panels to paint on from Oahu, nor any of my tools with which to build them. But I had two tables an an iPhone…

I love the show, NCIS, and have a mildly perverse fascination with alien abductions and stories of Cold War government / military experiments. I had these in mind when creating this “clone” photograph.

I also got a TON of exercise running up and down the stairs and hopping up on the tables and getting positioned before the 10-second timer on my iPhone app fired off the shot using the GorillaPod app.

Once I had several shots of each “position”, I transferred all the photos to my iPad. I used Brushes to layer and composite the images, Iris Photo Suite to add texture and vignetting, and CameraBag for additional flavor.

I have over a dozen different final edits of this shot but this is currently my favorite.