Art Commission Andaz Maui Wailea

Published: September 18, 2013

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Maui artist Shane Robinson, Andaz General Manager Michael Stephens, artist and consultant Roxanne Darling
Maui artist Shane Robinson, Andaz General Manager Michael Stephens, artist and consultant Roxanne Darling

Roxanne and I want to share our latest bit of magical Maui news: I’ve just installed 12 original works of art created for “one of the top hotel openings in 2013” - the Andaz Maui at Wailea. This resort earns many “firsts” - it is the first LEED-certified hotel in Hawaii, it is Maui’s first resort with truly modern design, and it is the first to have some of its art sourced directly from the site environment itself.

That is where I come in to the story. Many months after meeting the General Manager, Michael Stephens, at a friend’s house for dinner, (thank you Frank) Roxanne was cleaning her desk of numerous acquired business cards. One was Michael’s and she dropped him a quick hello. He replied that he wanted me to come in for a meeting. He had been following my work and wanted to talk about a commission for the Executive Offices.

Less than three months following that initial discussion, the installation was complete – literally hours before the soft opening of the resort! I am so grateful to Michael for appreciating my work and giving me artistic license to wander the resort and create! Though our initial proposal called for waiting until after the hotel opening to begin shooting, Michael encouraged me to start immediately. It speaks of the extraordinary beauty and mana of this resort that I was able to capture the range and depth of Series 1 - even before the site work was completed.

We've been working with Shane Robinson and I've got to tell you, the art pieces that he has created are phenomenal! We're very proud to be associated with Shane. It's quite a momentous day for us. Shane, thank you very much. – Michael Stephens, General Manager, Andaz Maui at Wailea
Executive Office Reception with original art by Shane Robinson

Executive Office Reception with original art by Shane Robinson (Maui Creative Photography)

Details About the Andaz Art Commission

Shane Robinson installing his original fine art photography at the Andaz Maui

(Maui Creative Photography)

  • The entire experience at the Andaz is built around core values of hospitality that are jointly sourced from the ʻaina (land) itself and the Andaz brand. It was important to create art for the offices that also was sourced from the property, that reflects the beauty of the property in both its natural and built elements. Metaphorically, as the art hangs on the wall in the offices, as Roxanne would say, it's as if the art also communicates the message "We've got your back."
  • The medium is my ICM Photography, where I use my DSLR more as a paintbrush than a documentary tool. It allows me to create abstract representations of the familiar. As with most abstract art, there is depth and an infinite array of personal interpretations when viewing each piece.
  • Because the subject matter is sourced on the property, I was able to capture a wide range of colors and moods, that nonetheless harmonize with each other. I much prefer this for an office installation over a series of bland artworks, chosen for a color theme with arbitrary and safe variations to provide "just enough" diversity from room to room.
  • In keeping with the seamless hospitality experience, each manager was invited to choose the piece he or she wanted for their private offices. Larger works were chosen for the reception area. In the group customer service room, we created a collage of nine 12" inch squares from one piece. Each square, like each person, can stand beautifully alone, yet together they create something much larger.
  • As this work is digital, we were able to display it exactly according to the space requirements and personal preferences. Bonus: we delivered custom notecards featuring the artworks. We are all imagining more possible uses of this beautiful work – my first opportunity to express the energy and elegance that is the Andaz Maui at Wailea.

One of my favorite compliments is that several of the staff have asked to order pieces for their homes. We are making plans with the Andaz to have this work available for purchase. In addition, we hired Matt and Madelynne of Maui Creative Photography to document the installation of the work!

You can view the images in Andaz Art Series 1 here. We have also created Andaz desktop wallpaper images for your iDevices and computer so you can share in the experience of Series 1.