Blank Canvas

Published: January 4, 2011

Category: In the Studio, Photography, Self Portraits

Medium: Photography

I’m on Maui this week working in our new studio. We’ve leased a 1,700 square foot space in the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku on the North Shore. We were here early in 2010 and as we walked through the corridors, i just knew we would have a studio here. Less an a year later I picked up the keys this morning and now here I am… Sitting in a blank canvas. I’m a firm believer in The Law of Attraction and that just your thoughts have the power to manifest physical objects and situations in the world. Some people might call it “answered prayer” but I don’t subscribe to any of the organized religions or dogmas. I just don’t believe there is a “greater power” out there sitting in judgement of our actions.

But I have become VERY familiar with “my gut” feelings on any given situation, encounters, and people I come in contact with.

I stepped off the plane 8 years ago on my first visit to Hawaii, and turned to Roxanne while we were still walking thru the airport and said, “I’m moving here.” 18 months later we did. Same holds true with our intentioned move to Maui this year. And also my “gut feeling” that the Cannery would play some role in my new “art” adventures.

So tonight, another piece falls into place. Effortlessly. And I’m sitting in a blank canvas, excited and curious about what we’ll create here.