Exhibition Infinite Blue

Published: January 9, 2013

Category: News & Events, Painting

Medium: Acrylic, Resin

This exhibition at the Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao, Maui was juried by Rich Richardson. You can read a detailed interview about Infinite Blue

283 works by Maui’s top Artists were entered for consideration. 51 pieces were chosen for the exhibition that ran from October 6 until November 10, 2012. I was honored to have two of my pieces selected for the show. Here is how the juror, Rich Richardson, described his selection process:

I use a pretty simple kind of dualism: potential to be successful and experienced art making shown through technical precision. Which isn’t to say I am looking for something fine tuned and perfected, but an idea worth exploring again and again and again – work that deserves follow up and even more work.
Additionally, I was thrilled that my larger piece, a 24” by 48” work titled, “Kailua” was purchased during the show by an Oahu collector.

The painting is one of the very first paintings I started it over two years ago while still living in Kailua on the windward side of Oahu. Even at various stages of the work, a collector friend repeatedly stated, “I will own this piece someday.” It wasn’t until a year after we moved to Maui and I saw the call for entries for the “Infinite Blue” exhibition that I returned to the painting and finished it for submission to the jury. How amazing that the very same collector (a dear friend of ours) is finally the proud owner of “Kailua” and that it found it’s way back to Oahu and hangs in their beautiful Kailua home. You can sense his excitement:

Shane’s vision and eye for beauty in all mediums is astounding, and his creations never cease to amaze me. The layers of color and texture on our piece, “Kailua” takes me on a different trip each time I stop to stare at it - it’s as tranquil or stormy as my current mood! I’ve had an affinity for this piece from the first time I saw it, and now it’s on our wall, greeting all visitors to our home with a warm ALOHA! Mahalo, Shane. - Eric Olson, Kailu, Oahu, Hawaii