Keiki Pua Children Flowers Series

Published: November 12, 2010

Category: Icm, Photography

Medium: Photography

Keiki Pua: Children Flowers

Our friend, Stacey Olson, invited myself and Roxanne to visit her 1st grade class (she’s the teacher) and create some kind of artwork with her 24 students that could then be placed in the school’s silent auction.

I decided to donate a photograph that would be printed on stretched canvas. And I had the idea for each child to bring a flower, or group of flowers to school on the day of our visit.

After we explained a bit about photography and had the keiki (kids) try to guess what my photographs are actually images of, we all headed outside to the playground. I found a nice sunny, but not too sunny, area on one of the playground structures and then instructed the keiki (kids) to put their flowers down anyway they wanted. It was interesting to watch them for about 10 minutes as they placed and moved their individual flowers into the positions they thought were best.

I would snap a few photos and the pass the camera down the line to their excited “Ooooos” and “Ahhhhhhs.”

Once back inside, we did a few experiments with shutting off the lights for a minute and allowing everyone’s eyes to adjust. Then we had them find a partner and look closely at each other’s eyes. When we flipped the lights on, they could see as the other person’s iris closed up a bit. And I explained that’s how a camera works and that we can control how big or small the iris of the camera is in order to let in more or less light.

The kids then got to vote on which photo went to the auction and I’m thrilled to announce the photo below, Keiki Pua #3 was one of the featured items at the auction and sold for $250.00 for the school.

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I survived 24 kids! Actually it was fun. The keiki (kids) try to guess the real subject matter of my photos while Roxanne writes their guesses on the board They had some great guesses. Experiments to see how a human iris is like a camera. Showing the keiki (kids) how to take a “blurry” photograph of their entire class. The Pua (flowers) ready to go outside. Working for best placement of each of their Pua (flowers). They all were concerned with where their flowers were placed. Final Pua (flower) arrangement by the kids. This was my Pua canvas to work with. Keiki Pua #1. Keiki Pua #2. Keiki Pua #3. Keiki Pua #4. Keiki Pua #5.