P1xels the Art of the Iphone Four of My Images Selected

Published: November 28, 2011

Category: News & Events, Photography

Medium: Photography

I’m honored and very happy that four of my images were selected for display on the curated site P1xels: The Art of the iPhone today.

Roxanne and I were waiting in line at the DMV in Pukalani and I finally decided to start submitting my work to P1xels. Using the P1xels iPhone app, I selected six images to submit to the site. The 4 shown below were selected.

“Gingered Torso” and “Gingered Self-Portrait” will be familiar to those of you that follow my work. But “Captured” and “Captured II” will be new to everyone.

Even though I stopped posting images online earlier this year (when I got really burned out trying to do another “365 Photos” project), I’ve continued to create work on my iPhone and iPad and now have, literally, hundreds of images finished that no one has seen, except Roxanne. Now I’m finally feeling the vibe to start posting my work online again.

Should be a very interesting 2012!!